News - January 2012

Outlook On Your Career

At Outlook on Your Career, Susy Herlihy will help you tap into your inner resources to make the next stage of your career the best yet. Susy has the skills, knowledge, and experience to show you how to identify and compete successfully for the job you'll love.

Susy's website can be found at

Pet Medical Crisis Fund

The Pet Medical Crisis Fund (PMC Fund) has been created by Jennifer Hunt to help struggling families who cannot afford surgery to keep their family pet alive.

100% of your kind donation will go directly to assisting family pets to return home to the people who love them.

Artisan Media was proud to provide this website pro bono. Please visit today.

Sue Evans Fund for Families

Dr Carolyn Westall has set up this charity devoted to grief and bereavement in honour of her much loved sister Sue who tragically lost her life in the Black Saturday Bush Fires.

Sue Evans Fund for Families website can be found at